CrossFit Golden: Wednesday 3.25.20

A young coach Ryan being comforted  by a young Bogie, both of them have a lot more gray in there beards, and are rarely seen in the gym LOL

Workout Key: 

All workouts are written for unweighted/bodyweight (black text)

Red – Kettlebell 

Green – Sandbag

Blue – Dumbbell

Purple – wallball

Warm Up: 

3 Rounds 

10 Arm Circles Forward/Backward

10 Seal Swings 

10 Throw Downs 

10 Bootstrappers 

10 Mountain Climber Thoracic

*20 Sec Single Leg Glute Bridge Hold – Ea.

*Warm up Wallballs and Rows/Push-Ups*


Three rounds for time of:

30 Full Squat Jumps (or find a soft object to throw to the wall)

-Or 30 Dumbbell Thrusters

-Or 30 Single Arm KB Thrusters (15 Ea. Arm)

-Or 30 Sandbag Thrusters 

-Or 30 Wall Ball Shots 

30 Bent Over Rows (if you can find something to use from home) or 15 Push ups 

-Or 30 DB Bent Over Rows 

-Or 30 Single Arm KB Bent Over Rows (5 ea.)

-Or 30 SB Bent Over Rows 

-Or 30 WB Bent Over Rows 


Five Sets of: 

20 Single Leg Glute Bridges (Ea.) 

(Can place DB/KB/SB/WB on hips to make these weighted)

20 Glute Bridge Holds + Clam Shell at Top 

(May be done with bands – Hold Glute Bridge entire time while moving out and in for the clamshell)

Rest as needed

Use band if you have one