CrossFit Golden: Tuesday 5.26.20

We know how much everyone has missed the assault bikes!

Personal Training:


Every 90 Seconds, for 15 minutes (5 sets) of:

Station 1 – Strict Press – 3 Reps @20X1

Station 2 – Barbell Ab Rollout – 8 Reps


For Time: 

750 m Row

50 Ab Mat Sit Ups

25 Barbell Strict Press 45/35#

At Home WOD:


8AM Class (Mon-Fri):  Meeting ID: 371 461 013
Password: 385206

4:30PM Class (Mon-Fri):  Meeting ID: 188 561 156
Password: 920848

*INSTAGRAM LIVE* Posted after 8AM class everyday for 24 hour access. Arm Pharm Friday 10AM Instagram Live Saturday and Sunday classes at 9AM will only be on Instgram Live

Warm Up

Couch stretch – 1 minute

Pigeon stretch – 1 minute

Then 2 Rounds: 30 seconds each 

High knees 

Air Squat + Tuck Jump

Butt Kicks  

Hollow Hold + Superman rotations


Stretch on own


Four sets total (each set is different): Each exercise will be completed for two minutes, at the end of each set, 2 minutes of rest before completing the next set. 

Set 1:

Scissor Kicks 

Hamstring Walk Outs 

Hollow Hold

Sprinter Steps 

Rest 2 minute. Then..

Set 2:


Plank Marches 

Wall Sit Hold 

Bicycle Crunches

Rest 2 minute. Then..

Set 3:

Cossack Squats 

Heal Taps 

Glute Bridges

Mountain Climbers

CFG Running

3- Mile Run for Time