CrossFit Golden: Tuesday 7.10.12

Paleo Week

The beauty of the Paleo Diet lies in the simplicity of it. Basically if it was walking, swimming or growing out of the ground you can eat it. But wait OT, grain grows from the ground. Ah yes it does, but man has to alter it before it is edible; harmful proteins (primarily gluten) are still present after processing, thus making grains toxic to all humans.
For more details on why grains are bad, click here.
So what should I eat?
Below is a condensed version of Foods to Eat/Foods to Avoid.
Foods to eat
Grass Fed Beef
Wild Caught Fish, Shrimp, basically any sea food
Free range chicken
Eggs (free range)
Buffalo, venison, elk, any game meat will do
Pork (includes bacon, yes!)
Friuts and Veggies (easy as that, the greener the better)
Sweat potato
White potato (every once in a while, only if you are at your weight loss goal)
Nuts and nut butters
Olive oil
Butter from grass fed cow (considered primal not strict paleo)
Coconut oil
Foods to Avoid (this is a big list but here are some of the basics) 
Grain fed beef
Farm rised fish
Caged chicken/eggs
Dairy (unless it comes from a grass fed cow, similar to butter)
Basically anything that is fed something it does’t eat in the wild
Soy, all forms of it
Grains (yup all of them, wheat bread is just as bad as white bread)
Rice (although gluten free, avoid if weight loss is goal)
Basically anything with gluten or gluten like properties, ie corn
Vegitable oils
Butter from vegitable oils
Hydroginated oils
Trans fats
Soybean oil
High fructose corn syrup
Fruit drinks
Sports drinks (gatorade)
Here is a revised version of the food pyramid that is a little more accurate.
Tomorrow we will go over on-line resources to use as tools for your success.
Coaches choice
Rep progression, 12min time limit of:
Ball Slam, 50#(40#) must catch on bounce to be Rx’d, including last rep
Box Jump, competition standards
Do one ball slam, one box jump. Then 2/2, 3/3, 4/4 and so on till 12min is up.
Depending on class size we there might be multiple heats for this WOD.
Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3-3-3+
Use the first 2 set as warm-ups, the rest at 75% or add 10# to last time done (6.19.12).
Hit 3+ on last set.