CrossFit Golden: Tuesday 7.14.15

CF Kids- 4:30pm

Mobility- 5:00-7:00pm

CF Endurance- Remember, this is the FINAL week where the CF Endurance Tuesday training will be held at the Cherry Creek Reservoir for the Aquaman Race Series! 


Cathy comes back from her 3-week vacation in Greece, and brings her lockout back with her! Welcome back!


Pull-Up Modification Progression:
– Weighted Pull-Up
– Strict Pull-Up
– Kipping
– Banded Pull-Up
– Negative
– Ring Row
– Ring Row Negative



Weighted Pull-ups (2-3 reps @ 21X0)
Rest 15-20 seconds

Strict Pull-Up (Max Reps @ 20X0)
Aim for 3-5 minimum. Bands can be used, but no kipping, please.

Rest 15-20 seconds

L-Sit (30-45 seconds (accumulated))

Use rings, KBs, or boxes to support body. If legs can’t start straight, simply switch to Hanging Knee Raise!

Rest 2 minutes



In teams of two, complete four rounds for time of:

12 Dumbbell Renegade Rows (40/20#)
400 Meter Run

For the Renegade Row, start in plank position with hands on dumbbells. Keeping back and core tight, row one side, then row the other side.
L + R = 1

Partition the reps however you see fit, and stay with your partner on the run.
(Both athletes run all 4 laps together)