CrossFit Golden: Wednesday 2.11.15


Well, Master Mango came in on Tuesday for his last workout living in Colorado. He left today for his new job and new apartment in “Rancho CucaMANGO” (as Janet V. calls it) in Southern California. Best of luck to you, Mango. Hurry back and visit us soon!



In two minutes, complete the following:
Double-Unders x 20 reps
300 Meter Run
24/16 kg Kettlebell Swing x Max Reps
Score the number of Kettlebell Swings completed in each set, for a total of six sets. Rest exactly two minutes between sets.

Goal is to have at least 15 seconds to perform KB swings each round. Scale jumps and run distance accordingly.

If the weather does not permit, perform a 300m row instead.