Friday 6.21.13

As promised here is the game plan for MAX WEEK. As stated in a earlier post if you are on a limited day membership you may come to as many days as you want next week. The goal is to get as many of you to establish a max weight on the lifts we do on a weekly basis. With that being said safety is the top priority, know when to walk away from a weight/attempt. In the 9 years I’ve been training individuals, 9 out of 10 injuries occur cause someones ego gets in the way. BE SMART WITH THE WEIGHTS!

Also, classes may run a little over next week. The coaches will do their best to get you out on time. But as you may know a big ship is sometimes hard to steer.
Schedule for MAX WEEK:
1) Clean and Jerk
2) Front Squat
3) CrossFit “Benchmark” workout
1) Push Press
2) CrossFIt “Benchmark” workout
1) Snatch
2) High Bar Back Squat
3) CrossFit “Benchmark” workout
1) Row 5K***
Please read below for details and the schedule on this day
1) Dead Lift
2) Bench Press
3) CFLW/CFG’s “Baseline” workout/re-test
Normal class, 9am.
*** In regards to Thursday. This is designed to be a rest day. However I do realize for some of you this is the only day you can train. Don’t worry a 5K row is a heck of a workout and will test you physically and mentally.
The schedule for that day will look like our “Open Gym” schedule for the week of the 4th.
There will be a general and specific warm-up written on the board and a coach will start your time when you are ready.
Thursday schedule:
Lakewood: 6am-9am and 4pm-8pm
Golden: 6am-9am and 4pm-5:30pm(Double Under clinic will be starting at 6pm sharp)
Quick note on the Open Gym times (Thursday and for the week of the 4th):
6am-9am means doors open at 6am and clean-up/workout ends at 9am. Don’t come in at 8:45am to start your workout. Manage your workout within the time allotted (same rule applies for the PM Open Gym as well).
-Coach Orion


Coaches Choice, 10min time limit
1a) Bench Press 3×65%, 3×70%, 3×75%, 3×80%
1b) Dead Lift 3×65%, 3×70%, 3×75%, 3×80%
Warm-up with 2-3 sets of 2-3 reps. Work in groups for weight will be scarce and spotters a must on the bench press.
Movements will be in a “super set”, meaning bench press right into dead lift. Hence the 1a and 1b.
Ideally you should be hitting a set every 90-120sec.
AMRAP 15min
150m Run
15 Hand Release Push-ups or Clapping Push-ups (or alternate every other round)
15 Jumping Lunges (R+L=1)
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