Saturday 6.22.13


Coaches Choice, 10min time limit
Team Workout:
Working in groups of 2-3 exercisers, complete the following
1600m Run
100 Burpee Box Jumps or Burpee Step-ups
2000m Row
100 Head Cutters, can be done w/slam ball or KB
500 Doubles or Singles or Tuck Jumps or Jumping Jacks
100 Ball Slams or KB Swings or mixture of both
Notes on this monster:
-Run will be done in 200m increments. Only 1 person working at a time
-Burpee Box Jumps, 1 person goes form one side then the other person goes form the other side. If three people, add a person to a side.
-Row will be done in 250m increments.
-Head Cutters, both (or 2 people) may work at the same time.
-Jump rope, all team members may work at the same time.
-BS/KBS, both (or 2 people) may work at same time.
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