Monday 11.26.12

2×5 Wall Squat, 5 count hold at bottom
2×5 Goblet Squat, light, 5 count hold at bottom, this can be done with a KB, slam ball, or med ball
100ft Walking Lunge w/arm raise
2x (:30/:30) Squat, “rest” will be in a bottom hold position
Stretch: Mt. Climber and wrist
1) 5×3 Dead Lift @80%
2) 5×3 Front Squat @80%
Warm-up with 2×3 for each.
20min time limit
Ideally you should be doing each set of 5 at 80%. Now if you have a big number you need to put up, use 2 of the 5 set as additional warm-ups, making it a total of 3×3 at 80%. If you fall into this category you will know it.  
Last week some of you established a new PR. I want you to use 90% of this number as a working weight. So if I did 200# on front squat I will use 180# as my working weight or working Max if you will (200 * .90 = 180). So for today’s workout I would do 5×3 at 145# (180 * .80 = 145).
Goblet Squat, Heavy, use Kettle Bell or Slam Ball
Pick a challenging weight for the Goblet squats.
Pull-ups, the goal is to do a version that will challenge you.
Strict pull-up for as long as you can. If you can do the whole thing strict, great. If you have to mix in kipping do so as last resort.
If you are using bands use as few as possible.
If you are new to kipping do as many as you can, use bands as last resort.
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