Tuesday 11.21.12

2 Rounds
200m Run
10 Deck Squats
10 Hand Release Push-ups
10 Split Jumps (aka Jumping Lunges), Right + Left =1
10min Time Limit
1) 15min to establish a 1RM Front Squat
2) 15min to establish a 1RM Bench Press
3) 15min to establish a 1RM Dead Lift
15miin time limit will be strictly enforced.
Use the rep sequence 3-3-2-2-1-1-1…. and so on till time is up or you are content with your effort.
Front Squat: Elbows and Heals!
Bench Press: You must have a spotter at all times. If I catch you working without one, have a nice day.
Dead Lift: Chest high/straight back. If you are rounding I’m going to pull you down to a weight you can handle.  
Newbies: Use the rep sequence 4×10 for each movement increasing as you go up. 10+ on the last effort.
A 1RM attempt is something that is earned. The time and effort that has been put in over the past 12 weeks will be tested today.
Heavy weight does not mean form goes to shit. As the intensity increases (weight in this case) form/technique becomes all the more important.
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