Monday 8.12.13


40 Mt. Climbers, 1=1
10 Wall Squats, 5 count at bottom
20 Squats
Mt. Climber Stretch and Couch Stretch
1) High Bar Back Squat 3×10
Warm-up with 2×5, if you were here on 7.30.13, increase by 10#-15#
2) Bulgarian Split Squat 3×10
No weight, back leg on a bench 10 each leg
3) Power Clean Warm-up 3×3
5 Rounds
:30sec Power Clean @ 40%
:30sec Rest
:30sec Burpee
:30sec Rest
As with all Olympic movements, work within your skill set. All reps should be fast and light, but perfect as well. If you revert to wrenching the bar off the ground your coach will have you take the bar from the hang position.
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