Saturday 3.2.13

Athletes Choice
**We will be reviewing the workout and range of motion standards at 9am sharp, workout will start at exactly 9:05am.**
** Due to the sheer volume of this workout, time will be a factor. You will be responsible for coming in early, setting-up and being warmed-up ready to go at 9am**
3 Rounds
1000m Row
50 Push-ups
1000m Run
50 Pull-ups
This WOD will get spicy. You will need to dig deep for this one, it will not be easy, nor should it be.
Due to equipment constraints, 1/2 of the class (or 10 people) will start on the row. The other 1/2 will start on the run. If you start on the row you will do the 50 push-ups first, if you start on the run you will do the pull-ups first.
There may be a situation that all rowers are full, if so just do another 1000m run.
More then likely you will be sharing a pull-up station.
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