Thursday 4.11.13

BAF (Bring A Friend) DAY 1
**Reminder, if you are bringing in a friend or family member please arrive early so they can fill out our waiver**
Coaches Choice
Workout Review
Movement Practice
Teams of 2-3 complete the following
3000m Row
500 Squats
250 Hand Release Push-ups
The task associated with each movement must be complete before moving on the next (i.e. 3000m row first, then 500 Squats, etc.).
Only one rower will be allowed per team. Ideally the rowing should be broken into 300m increments of all out effort.
Once the team has reached the Squats, Only 2 people may be working at a time (one person on the team will always be resting. If team of 2, both people may simultaneously work). Same will apply for the Hand Release Push-ups.
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