Tuesday 10.23.12

Power Snatch Drills
Power Clean Drills
1) 5×3 Hang Power Snatch
2) 5×3 Hang Power Clean
Do 2×3 warm-up first
20min time limit
Conditioining 1:
5 Rounds
:45sec on, :15sec off, Row
:45sec on, :15sec off, Ball Slam, 30#(20#)
Score will be total calories rowed and total ball slams
Conditioiing 2:
10min Kettle Bell Swing Breathing Ladder
0min-5min going up. 5min-10min going down.
Starting at 1, do one rep followed by one breath. 2 reps, 2 breaths. and so on working your way up till 5min has been reached. At the 5min mark work your way back down to 1.
You may set the kettle bell down and breath as much as you want while you are swinging. You must follow the breathing pattern while resting or else you will miss the point of this exercise.
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