Wednesday 10.24.12

1) 4×10 Weighted Lunge (in place), RIGHT + LEFT = 1, medium and manageable wt.
2) 4×4 Bench Press, @80%
Do 1×10 for a warm-up on the lunges.
Do 2×4 for a warm-up on bench press
These two movements are done separately (not a/b)
25min time limit.
“Jones Crawl”
3 Rounds
10 Dead Lifts, Men 115% of body weight. Women 100% of body weight.
25 Box Jumps, Land stand step off
Scale the weight if needed. If 115% or 100% winds-up being more then your max, go down in weight!
Go hard. Go fast! For some of you this will be less then a 6min workout.
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