Tuesday 2.19.13

200ft Burpee Broad Jumps
Should 2 Overhead drills
2×5 PVC Pass Through
2×5 Shoulder Press
2×5 Push-press
2×5 Push-Jerk
7 Rounds
7 Push-Jerks, 155#(105)
7 Pull-ups, Strict
7 Burpees
Modification for Push-Jerks will be Push-press or Shoulder Press. Strict Pull-up for as long as possible.
3 Attempts to establish a “fast” 400m Run
Attempt 1 about 70% effort
Attempt 2 about 85% effort
Attempt 3 all out effort
Rest about 3-4min between efforts. You will start the first 400m as soon as you are done and cleaned up from conditioning 1 (you can view the first effort as a cool down).
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