Tuesday 3.26.13

3:00min Double under practice or single under mastery
2×5 Wall Squat
2×10 Squat
2×10 Jump Squat
Mt. Climber Stretch
Wrist Stretch
1) Front Squat 3×70%, 3×75%, 3x3x80%
2) Thruster Warm-up 3×3
Team Workout:
Teams of 2 complete the following
150 Thrusters
150 Ball Slams
If solo: 1500m Row/75 Thrusters/75 Ball Slams
Row: Ideally row should be broken into 200m-250m increments.
Thruster: Only one bar will be allowed, weight should be manageable (think somewhere between 25#-95#). Sets should be broken into 5-15 rep increments. 
Ball Slam: One ball per team, 5-15 rep increments.
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