Tuesday 9.11.12

This week marks the start of a 10 week strength training cycle. The goal will be to improve the Olympic Lifts (Clean/Jerk and Snatch) and the Power Lifts (Back Squat, Dead Lift, Bench and Pressing). This cycle will look like what we have been doing in the gym for the past 2 weeks (yes, I did that on purpose to work out the logistics/bugs). For the most part the daily programming will be focusing on lifting first followed by a 8-12min conditioning workout. There will be a “de-load week” on week 5 (reduced volume and load) and a “Testing Week” on week 10 (lets see what you got!!). This will take us to the week before Thanksgiving.

1. START LIGHT! Over the past 2 weeks I have seen numerous individuals slap on weight that was well over their % for that day (I can tell by just watching someone for one set). A good rule of thumb for any strength cycle is to take a couple of steps back to take a huge leap forward. This is done by starting light and progressing little by little over the next 10 weeks. If you do this correctly and with no ego involved you will be amazed at the strength gain. 
If you need numbers to start with take 90% of your known max and use that number as your new base line. EX: 200# Max x .90 = 180. 180 now becomes your new “working max”. So if the programming for the day called for 75% of your 1RM you would take 180 x .75 = 135. Get it? Got it? Good! 
If you do not have a max established for a particular movement (new members and seasoned vets), start with the bar and work your way up. Add some weight until you reach a perceived exertion that matches that percentage for the day. Ex: We will be incorporating Bench Press into this 10 week cycle. Many of you have never done Bench Press before. So where do we start? Men with the 45# bar, ladies with the 15# for the first set. Add 5-10# to each side and do another set, based perceived exertion of that increase you can then go up again or stay there.
2. WARNING! The programming will be done based on a training split of 3 days “ON”/1 day “OFF”. 2 days “ON”/1 day “OFF”. So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday “ON”. Thursday and Sunday “OFF”. YES! We will have workouts on Thursdays and Sundays. But keep in mind those workouts will not correspond with the 3/1, 2/1 split. Meaning if you come in on those days there will most likely be an overlap with the movements. Don’t worry, it won’t be the end of the world if your normal training falls on those days. Yes, you will still get stronger and improve your work capacity. Yes, you might windup doing the same movement 2 days in a row. You will be okay. This “warning” is simply a heads up.
3. LOG YOUR WEIGHTS! If you are not keeping track of your weights and workout times, start now. This is how progress is measured and it takes the “guess work” out of what weight to use.
4. LISTEN TO THE COACHES! If a coach tells you do drop weight. Do it! 
5. SHOW UP! This is straight forward. If you need an explanation on why to come to the gym, we might need to sit down and have a talk.
6. SHOW UP PREPARED! You should be looking at the website the night before/day of and know exactly what is going on. “90% of success in life comes from showing up prepared”. This goes for all aspect of life. Just think about that statement for a minute or two.
If you have any questions ask your coach or shoot me an email. Most likely the person next to you has that same question. 
And yes, I will be posting this for the next day or so (its not to pound it into your head, just some people don’t come in/look at the web site in the beginning of the week). I want to make sure everyone is on the same page with what we will be doing. 
So lets get started!
1) 7×2 Hang Power Snatch, light and perfect, 60 sec rest between sets
2) 7×2 Hang Power Clean, light and perfect, 60 sec rest between sets
20min time limit
Do 2×2 warm-up for each movement before starting the 7 sets. KEEP THE WEIGHT LIGHT! The purpose of today’s strength training is to focus on technique and keep the intensity (weight) low.
When the workout has a “1)” and “2)” do ALL SETS of the “1)” first then move on to the “2)”. 
3 Rounds
400m Run
21 Kettle Bell Swings, 24kg/16kg
12 Pull-ups
15min time limit
Last done: ???
If someone knows the date when we did this workout last please post it on the FB page so I can update it here, thanks.
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