Wednesday 9.12.12

1a) Dead Lift 5×3 @ 80%
1b) Bench Press 5×3 @ 75%
Rest 60sec.
20min limit
Before we start the strength training for the day we will go over the set-up and safety precautions for Bench Press. So show up ready to pay attention.
Warm-up 3×3 on each movement, then do the 5×3 a-b alternation with a 60sec rest between sets.
Remember that you will be doing the Dead Lift based off of a “working max” (90% of a true max). 
Since Bench Press is a new movement, work up to 75% perceived exertion.
When the workout has a “1a)” and “1b)” do one set of “1a)” first then immediately do one set of “1b)”. Then rest for the prescribed time.  
Ring Dips, (must be Rx’d, x2 for bench dips, 42-30-18)
Hand Release Push-ups
Shoulder Press, 65#(45#)
15min time limit
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