Wednesday 1.9.13

400m Run
2×10 Ring Row
2×10 Lunge, 1=1
Group Mobility:
Couch stretch
Posterior chain floss
1) 3×10 Weighted Lunge, increase weight as needed
2) 3×10 High Pull, increase weight as needed, this is NOT a sumo dead lift high pull.
Warm-up with 1×10 on each movement first
15min to work on
Ring Dips
If you have these two movements down do as many 1-6 ladders as you can in the 15min time limit. 1 Pull/1 Dip, 2 Pull/2 Dip….and so on. You may use bands on the Ring Dips. Strict Pull-ups if you got them.
This is not a race and will not be scored, focus on ROM and technique.
If you need help on your pull-up (kipping) this will be the time to practice. Spend the time working on the kip and whatever variation of the Dip your skill set dictates.
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