Wednesday 10.31.12

2×5 Wall Squats
2×10 BOO-urpees
2×10 Knee Tuck to Lunge W/Arm Raise and Lean Back(R+L=1)
2×10 H.R. Push-ups, 5 count hold at the top of each rep
1) 4×10 Weighted Lunge,¬†RIGHT + LEFT = 1, slight increase in weight ¬†from last week
2) 6×2 Bench Press, @ 85% this will be a slight increase from last week
1×10 warm-up on on Weighted Lunge, light
3×2 Warm-up on Bench Press, light
20min Time Limit
4 Rounds
15 Dead Lifts, 185#(125#)
1:00min Dead Hang from pull-up bar
15 Hand Release Push-ups
20min Time Limit
Weight on dead lift needs to be manageable. All reps must be unbroken each round.
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