Wednesday 5.22.13

Coaches Choice, 10min time limit
1) 6x 3 Snatch (Full Squat) @ 60%-70%
Warm-up with 2-3 sets of the complex. Work within your skill set, an example would be:
3 high-hang power snatches
4 Rounds (3:00min time limit per round)
250m Row
14 Pull-ups, any style
7 Clean & Jerk, 115#(75#)
3:00min rest after each round
Essentially you will be working for 3:00, then resting for 3:00 (while another exerciser is going). 
If you finish the all 7 Clean and Jerks keep doing them till the 3:00 time limit is up.

Clean and Jerk can be any variation of the lift (power clean to push-press) just get it from the ground to your shoulders then overhead

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