Wednesday 7.10.13


10min Coaches Choice
Bench Press 5×3, 65%-75%
Warm-up: 3×3
Warm-up first then work with in the % range. You may go up in weight, but all sets/reps should be manageable.
Working in groups of 2-3
5 Rounds
:30sec Row
:30sec Rest
:30sec Kettle Bell Swing or Ball Slam or Plate 2 Overhead or mixture of the 3
:30sec Rest
:30sec Hand Release Push-up or Clapping Push-up or mix
:30sec Rest
One person will start on the Row, one person on Kettle Bell Swings and one person on Push-ups.
You will rotate stations after every :30sec of work (during the :30sec of rest), Row to KBS to Push-up to Row and so on.
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