Wednesday 7.24.13


10min Coaches Choice
1) 5x 3 Snatches (full squat), 65%-75%
2) High Bar Back Squat 5×3 65%-75%, if you were here on 7.19.13 go up by 5#-10#
Teams of 2 complete the following
AMRAP 15min
20 Power Snatches, 25#-95# (10reps/10reps)*
30 Wall Balls, 10#-20# (15reps/15reps)*
50 Double Unders or Tuck Jump, (25reps/25rep)*
*All reps must be completed before moving on to the next movement. Resting exerciser may do a plank hold for an extra challenge.
If solo: AMRAP 15min 10/15/25
Exerciser 1 will do 10reps of Power Snatch while Exerciser 2 is resting or doing planks. Then switch. Once all 20 reps are complete move on to Wall Balls 15reps and 15reps then Doubles 25/25. Repeat for 15min. When 20/30/50 is complete 1 round is counted.
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