CrossFit Golden: Wednesday 1.29.14


One of our Marines, Tim, tossing the ball up just underneath his flag.

Thank you (and everyone else at the gym who serves, or has served) for everything!



Snatch Balance + 3 Overhead Squats (1 Snatch Balance + 3 Overhead Squats)


Power Snatch (115/75), 12 reps

Box Jump (30/24), 12 reps

Power Snatch (115/75), 9 reps

Box Jump (30/24), 9 reps

Power Snatch (115/75), 6 reps

Box Jump (30/24), 6 reps

Power Snatch (115/75), 3 reps

Box Jump (30/24), 3 reps

Then… 600m Run


Time ends when the athlete touches their barbell after the run.

If weather does not permit, athletes should row 300m after the round of 9 reps and the round of 3 reps.