Friday 10.5.12

3×5 Wall Squats
3×10 Squats
3×10 Jump Squats
3×10 Tuck Jump
Rest 10-15sec between each set
1) 8×2 Weighted Jump Squat @ 55% of Squat 1RM, 60sec rest
2) 4×10 Good Mornings, increase from last week
20min time limit
1:00min ME Box Jump, 24″(20″)
AMRAP 8min
10 Shoulder Press, 65#(45#)
10 Pull-ups
1:00min ME Box Jump, 24″(20″)
2 Scores, total box jumps and total reps on the amrap
Skills 1 Grads. Welcome to the community: Beaux, Abby, Matt, Jorden, Corey, Raul, Eric, Jen, Cassie, Michelle, Emily, Lucus, Oscar, Chad and Logan
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