Friday 5.10.13

We will post the heat times for the 330 Competition at CrossFit Lakewood Friday afternoon. Plan on arriving at 10am for workout explanation, range of motion, judging standards and national anthem. First heat will start at 10:30am. All members of CrossFit Lakewood and CrossFit Golden are encouraged to come cheer on their fellow CrossFitters. We will have a post-competition BBQ and party which everyone is welcome to come to.


400m Run
2×20 Jumping Lunge(1=1)
2×10 Hand Release Push-up
Mobility: Posterior Chain Floss
1a) 7×3 Bench press, heavy but manageable for all sets/reps, slight increase from last week
1b) 7×3 Speed Dead Lift (50% to 60% range), slight increase form last week
Warm-up 3×3 for each movement first
Movements will be in a “super set”, meaning bench press right into dead lift. Hence the 1a and 1b.
Work in groups, Ideally you should be hitting a set every 60-90sec.
“(Power) Elizabeth”
Power Clean, 135#(95#)
Ring Dip (x2 bench dip, 42-30-18)
Last done: 3.11.13
Based on Thursdays strength training you should have a good idea of what weight you can handle. If you didn’t do the workout Rx’d last time we did it, try and add more weight.
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