Friday 9.21.12


1) 5×3 Back Squat @ 78% of working max
2) 5×3 Front Squat @ 78% of working max
25min time limit
Do 3×3 warm-up for back squat then do all remaining sets of 3 at 78%. Do not go up stay, at 78% or less. Immediately after do 5×3 front squat at 78%. You will be warmed up so should be able to go right into them.
If you do not have weights established work-up to a medium weight for the warm-up then slight increase for the 5 sets. Front squat will be about 20%-30% reduction in weight.
AMRAP in 20min of
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
Last done 6.15.12
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