Monday 5.13.13


200m Run
5 Wall Climbs or partial wall climb
20 Jumping Lunges (1=1)
20 Tuck Jumps
Hip Mobility
1) HBBS 5×2 @80%
AMRAP 10min
6 Hand Stand Push-ups
30 Weighted Lunges, Barbell in front rack, 75#(55#)
60 Doubles or Tuck Jumps or 120 Single Unders
The 330 competition was AMAZING. Great job to all the athletes who came out and put forth 100% effort!
Thanks to everyone who came out and cheered on the competitors, your yells, screams and applause fueled the event.
And lastly, thanks to everyone who contributed to sending Coach Megan to regionals. We are honored to have such a supportive community.
There were a ton of pictures taken on Saturday. We will be posting them throughout the week. If you would like to check them out.
Thanks to Mike and Tony for the excellent pics!
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