Tuesday 10.16.12

Squat Snatch Technique
Squat Clean Technique
1) EMOM for 7min 3 Hang Squat Snatches, 50%-60%
2) EMOM for 7min 3 Hang Squat Clean, 50%-60%
18min Time Limit
Light, focusing of speed and technique.
Conditioning 1:
3 Rounds
200ft Farmer Carry
100Ft Flying Burpee (aka Burpee Broad Jumps)
12min time limit
Conditioning 2:
4x :30on :30off Jump Squats
4x :30on :30off Burpee
4x :30on :30off Split Jumps
12min time limit
Not Hell Style. Meaning no static hold on rest.
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