Tuesday 4.30.13

200ft Broad Jumps
2×10 Jump Squats
2×10 Pass Through
2×10 Good Morning
Ankle/Hip/Wrist Mobility
EMOM 7min
1 Power Snatch + 2 Behind the Neck Push Press (snatch grip) @80% (of snatch)
5min to warm-up to workout weight. EMOM will be done as a group.
Teams of 2 complete the following
AMRAP 20min
E1: 10 Wall Balls
     10 Box Jumps
     10 Pull-ups
E2: Elbow Plank or Rest
If solo 1:1 work to plank ratio
Each work effort should be treated as an all out sprint.
A round will count every time 10/10/10 is done. Rest can be active (plank) or if needed actual rest.
One wall ball, box and pull-up station per group.
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