Wednesday 10.3.12

Dynamic effort
1a) 8×3 Bench Press, @ 55%
1b) 8×1 Dead Lift, @55%
20min time limit
There is a 5% jump this week, which will translate to 5#-15# incresae in weight.
Warm-up with 3×3 alternating the bench and dead lift. Weight is light on this, focusing on speed and explosiveness out of the bottom. Bands will be used for the Dead Lifts. You must have a 150#+ 1RM in order to use them.
AMRAP 15min
10 HSPU (x1.5 for 1 mat or more or 10 shoulder tap mod)
15 Gobblet Squat
200m Run
Special thanks to Mike Berkow for taking pictures of “FGB”.
Click here to check’em out.
And now the faces of CrossFit……enjoy.
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