Wednesday 12.12.12

2:00 Jump Rope, mix singles and doubles
20 Hand Release Push-ups
20 Kips (this is done on pull-up bar)
20 Jump Squats
Mt. Climber stretch/wrist stretch
2x (30/30) PVC Thrusters, hold at top
1) 6×2 Push Press @ 85%
2) 6×2 Bench Press @ 85%
Warm-up with 2×3 for each
20min time limit
Ideally you should be doing each set of 6 at 85%. Now if you have a big number you need to put up, use 2 of the 6 set as additional warm-ups, making it a total of 4×2 at 85%. If you fall into this category you will know it.
1000m Row
50 Thrusters, 45#(25#)
30 Pull-ups
This is a one shot deal and should be treated as a sprint. Pull-ups will be any style. Thrusters should be light and fast. If you’re bar is empty do not bail it.
We will run a 6min stagger on this.
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