Wednesday 8.14.13

“Double Down” is full! We will be posting the teams later this week. Workouts and heat times will be announced Friday August 23rd and 10am……Stay tuned


Coaches Choice, 10min
Olympic Lifting:
For the next month or so we will be primarily focusing on Olympic Lifting on Wednesdays. There will be a couple of movements posted that you will need to complete for that day, but you will be required to work within your skill set.
If you have no interest in Olympic Lifting this will be a perfect day to rest. On the flip side of the coin, this will also be a great day to come in and learn them. 
The class will typically conclude with some skill work or a short conditioning piece.
1) 5x 3-position Snatch (full squat), floor, hang, high hang
Warm-up as need, weight should be relatively light 
2) 5x 3-position Clean(full squat)  + 1 Jerk, floor, hang, high hang
Warm-up as needed, weight should be relatively light
25min time cap
Work within your skill set. If you are still perfecting the hi or mid hang stick with it (just do 3 reps from that position). If you are not ready to start squatting under the bar, stick with catching in the power position.
8 Rounds
20sec Hollow Body Hold,
10sec Rest
1min Rest
8 Rounds
20sec Superman Hold,
The focal point for these holds is keeping the feet together and arms as close as possible. You will remain in the position the entire 20sec, focusing on your core.
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