Wednesday 9.19.12


1a) Dead Lift 5×3 @ 83%
1b) Bench Press 5×3 @ 78%
Rest 60sec.
20min limit
Before we start the strength training for the day we will go over the set-up and safety precautions for Bench Press. So show up ready to pay attention.
Warm-up 3×3 on each movement, then do the 5×3 a-b alternation with a 60sec rest between sets.
Remember that you will be doing the Dead Lift based off of a “working max” (90% of a true max).
Since Bench Press is a new movement, work up to 78% perceived exertion.
When the workout has a “1a)” and “1b)” do one set of “1a)” first then immediately do one set of “1b)”. Then rest for the prescribed time.
5 Rounds
15 Weighted Lunges, Bar in front rack position, 95#(65#)
30 Double Unders or Tuck Jumps
12min time limit
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