Friday 9.7.12

1) Back Squat 7×3 @ 73%
2) Front Squat 5×3 @ 73%
25min time limit.
Do 3×3 warm-up for back squat then do all remaining sets of 3 at 73%. Do not go up stay at 73% or less. Immediately after do 5×3 front squat at 73%. You will be warmed up so should be able to go right into them.
Notice the 3% bump?. This will translate to a 5#-10# increase from last week. 
If you do not have weights established work-up to a medium weight for the warm-up then slight increase for the 7 sets. Front squat will be about 20%-30% reduction in weight.
4 Rounds
In 2:00min complete the following
Row 250m
Max reps OHS 115#(75#)
Rest 1:1
Score will be total OHS for all 4 efforts
You will have two minutes to Row 250m then complete as many reps as possible in the remaining time. You will then rest 2:00min before starting again.
Choose a weight that you can handle (don’t be a hero). You should be able to get 10+ reps each time you pick up the bar.
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