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Thursday 8.30.12

Conditioning: 1min ME Jumping Step-ups, (choose a height you can handle, 20″ or less) WATCH THE DEMO Then immediately do AMRAP in 8min of 5 Power...
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Wednesday 8.29.12

Strength: 1a) 7×3 Dead Lift @80% 1b) 7×3 Shoulder Press @75% 60-90sec rest 20min Time limit Notes:   Warm-up 3×3 Dead Lift and 3×3 Shoulder...
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Tuesday 8.28.12

Strength: 7×3 Hang Power Snatch, heavy but perfect, 60-90sec rest between sets 15min time limit Notes:   Do 3×3 warm-up first then, all 7 sets...
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Monday 8.27.12

Strength: 7×2 Clean and Jerk @ 80%, heavy but perfect, resting 60sec each set 15min time limit   Notes:   This is a Squat Clean...
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Saturday 8.25.12

Reminder, both gyms will be closed this weekend, so no classes, that includes Yoga and Sunday Fun-day.   Coaches Recommendation: Go out and enjoy this...
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Thursday 8.23.12

Conditioning: AMRAP in 8min of: 10 Sumo Dead Lift High Pull, 95#/65# 15 Wall Balls, 20#/14# 20 Ab-mat Sit-ups     Notes:   DBH (Don’t...
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Wednesday 8.22.12

Conditioning: 3 Rounds 10 Stick Jumps, over+back=1, 24″/20″ 20 HR Push-ups or 10 HSPU’s (must be Rx’d, no mats or modifications) 250m Row 12min time...
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Tuesday 8.20.12

Conditioning: 4 Rounds 100m Sprint 15 Dead Lifts, 135#/95# 20 Jumping Lunges, total 14min time cap Strength: 15min to work-up to a heavy (not maximal)...
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